15 Of The Ugliest Celebrity Babies

Ah… Babies. They’re so cute, aren’t they? Adorable little bundles of joy, they’re all just so sweet. Well, mostly. Not all the time. How do we put this? Some babies are just, well, ugly. Hey, look – don’t get upset with us? It’s true. And it’s not just your friends and family’s sprogs that are less than pretty. Celebrities have aethestically upsetting offspring at times too, you know. We’re sure that a lot of these famous people’s little ‘uns might grow up to be good looking, but as kids? Oof. They ain’t pretty. Here are fifteen…



Don’t worry, we’ll mostly be focusing on babies and toddlers in this gallery, but we just couldn’t ignore this strange-looking son of Nicholas Cage. Now, we can’t be certain that’s he’s all that ugly, but he’s certainly not doing himself any favors in the looks department by going ‘Full Goth’, is he? Still, at least he doesn’t star in a dozen one star movies a year like his old man, so he’s alright by us.

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